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August 2019

In Rare Case, Colorado Judge Says Permit Must be Reheard Because of Contributions to County Commissioner's Campaign 

July 2019

Northern Integrated Supply Project Meeting Planned for July 24

Reporter Herald, July 14, 2019

Are Colorado Communities Gaining Power in Water Supply Project Permitting?

Water Education Colorado, July 3, 2019

June 2019

Thornton Tries to Block Save the Poudre, No Pipe Dream from Joining Pipeline Lawsuit

The Fort Collins Coloradoan, June 25, 2019


Weld Planners Favor Portion of Thornton Pipeline

The Westminster Window, June 2, 2019

May 2019

Larimer County Should Defend Its Decision On Thornton Water Project 

No Pipe Dream Press Release, May 16, 2019

April 2019

Thornton Law Suit Reignites No Pipe Dream

No Pipe Dream Press Release, April 13, 2019

Larimer County attorney: Thornton to sue County over Thornton pipeline rejection

Coloradoan, April 11, 2019


Northern water plans to trade water with dozens of farms for Poudre River reservoir project

Coloradoan, April 1, 2019

March 2019

NISP pipeline: Will Larimer County approve a route similar to rejected Thornton pipeline?

Coloradoan, March 21, 2019

Dam to Nowhere

Save the Poudre website, March 6, 2019


February 2019

Northern Water Buys First Farm for NISP Water

Reporter Herald, Feb 28. 2019

Thornton Pipeline Proposal Denied

CBS Denver News 4 (Television), Feb 12, 2019

Larimer County says no to Thornton's 72-mile Water Pipe from the Poudre River

Denver Post, February 12, 2019

Celebration and Frustration as Larimer County Commissioners Reject Thornton Pipeline 

Greeley Tribune, February 12, 2019

Thornton Pipeline Denied by Larimer County Commissioners

North Forty News, February 11, 2019

Larimer County Commissioners Unanimously Reject Thornton Pipeline Proposal

Coloradoan, February 11, 2019


Fort Collins Residents Speak Against Thornton Pipeline 

Loveland Reporter Herald, February 5, 2019

Poudre River Alternative Steals Spotlight at Thornton Hearing

Coloradoan, January 29, 2019

High and Dry

Coloradoan, August 9, 2018

Larimer Sends Thornton Pipeline Request Back for More Work

Reporter Herald, August 2, 2018

Proposed Thornton Pipeline Worries Area Tree Farmer

Reporter Herald, July 31, 2018

Thornton Water Decision Delayed Again

Coloradoan, July 23, 2018

Suburban Aggression

Denver Post... First published, Nov. 21, 2005  | Updated, May 8, 2016  

Weld County Ag Communities of Ault, Pierce Feel 30-Year Impact of Thornton Buy-and-Dry
Greeley Tribune... March 30, 2015

In Colorado, Farmers and Cities Battle Over Water Rights May 28, 2016

How healthy is the Poudre River?
The Coloradoan...  July 1, 2016   


Who has the highest water rates in Colorado?

CO Springs Independent... Oct. 26, 2016

Fort Collins was ranked the 4th highest at $347.76, while Thornton was the 3rd lowest at $242.04

Plans for pipeline to move Poudre water to Thornton take shape
The Coloradoan...  September 18, 2017

Letter: Thornton pipeline plan ignored environment for decades
The Coloradoan.... September 25, 2017  

Gaiter censors public comment in Larimer County
The Colorado Independent...  October 27, 2017 

Letter: Encourage local leaders to support Poudre River

The Coloradoan... December 14, 2017

Letter: Thornton pipeline should start downstream of Fort Collins

The Coloradoan... December 31, 2017

Letter: Stop Thornton’s pipe dream, attend meeting

The Coloradoan... January 3, 2018

Public Meeting Protesting Thornton Pipeline

North Forty News... January 6, 2018

Letter: Thornton should pass on pipe plan

Northglenn Thornton Sentinel... January 12, 2018

Opposition plans meeting on controversial Thornton pipeline

Coloradoan... January 13, 2018 

Thornton pipeline opponents: Larimer County has conflict of interest on project

Coloradoan... January 23, 2018

Opinion: Protect the Poudre by rejecting Thornton's pipeline

The Coloradoan... January 28, 2018   

Opinion: Larimer County's process for Thornton's pipeline has been a disaster

The Coloradoan... February 10, 2018   

Opinion: Call to widen Douglas Road a sham

The Coloradoan... February 18, 2018

Denver 7 Video - Thornton Pipeline
Channel 7 News Denver... February 27, 2018 

The Poudre: Picture a healthy, working river

North Forty News... March 8, 2018

Opinion: Protect our neighborhoods and river from pipeline plan

Coloradoan... March 26, 2018

Residents of Douglas Road unite to oppose the Thornton pipeline

North Forty News... April 9, 2018

Thornton Pipeline opponents hold a press conference and city responds

North Forty News... April 19, 2018

Tribune Opinion: Eminent domain not an acceptable approach for Thornton officials in pursuit of water pipeline

Greeley Tribune (Weld County)... April 23, 2018

Thornton pipeline to use water from Larimer County, land of resident

Rocky Mountain Collegian... April 25, 2018

Fact-check: Is Thornton proposing one Poudre River pipeline or 3?

Coloradoan... April 25, 2018

Opposition plans public forum on Thornton pipeline project

Coloradoan... May 4, 2018

Managing the Poudre River

North Forty News... May 6, 2018

Opinion: Decision on Thornton pipeline is not about water, despite what its foes say

Coloradoan... May 11, 2018

Town Wants Access To Water Rights Purchased In The 80s

4 CBS Denver...May 14, 2018

A fast-growing Denver suburb is planning a 70-mile water pipeline

Denver Post... May 15, 2018

Larimer County about to open floodgates on long-simmering pipeline controversy

ABC Denver 7... May 15, 2018

Douglas Road resident, Richard Brauch, tells his side of the pipeline story

North Forty News... May 16, 2018

Larimer County leaders recommend denial of Poudre River pipeline to Thornton

Coloradoan... May 17, 2018

Thornton Pipeline project tabled for now

North Forty News... May 17, 2018

Thornton works to gather more details on water line plan

Westminster Window... May 29, 2018

Larimer County deserves clarity around Thornton pipeline

Coloradoan... May 31, 2018 



Water Projects and Colorado’s 1041 Regulations

Thornton Water Project Route Presentation (pdf) 

Why Won't Thornton Collaborate? Thornton Pipeline and Save The Poudre YouTube:  How Save The Poudre is addressing the problem of the Thornton Pipeline 

Save the Poudre Organization to  Protect and Restore the Cache la Poudre River  

The Poudre Heritage Alliance, upcoming river events in May and July 2019

Poudre River Report Card City of Fort Collins

State of the Poudre River online mapping tool City of Fort Collins 

Water Quality Monitoring, Lower Poudre  City of Fort Collins

Healthy Rivers & Lakes: Keeping Water in Rivers & Lakes
A healthy river provides clean water, refills groundwater, supports abundant fish and wildlife, and many recreational opportunities.

A Better Future for the Poudre River: Alternative to the Northern Integrated Supply Project
An alternative to the water supply project proposed by the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District to protect the Poudre River, wetlands, communities and businesses while meeting future water needs of 15 towns and water districts in northern Colorado.

The Poudre Runs Through It  A Study/Action Work Group of about 25 citizen experts who were selected to study the Poudre River and formulate cooperative actions. This group meets to build relationships and to put in action the initiatives they have identified, "to make the Poudre River the world's best example of a working river that's also healthy."

History of the Water Supply & Storage Company
Since the 1890s, the Water Supply and Storage Company (WSSC) has become a large and imposing water delivery company in the Cache la Poudre River Valley. Its vast system of canals and reservoirs, acquired and built over the last century to irrigate fields, shape the landscape in and around Fort Collins.

Irrigation, Settlement, and Change on the Cache la Poudre River
By Rose Laflin. Special Report Number 15, June, 2005. Colorado Water Resources Research Institute, Colorado State University, Fort Collins (PDF format).


When we save a river, we save a major part of an ecosystem, and we save ourselves as well because of our dependence - physical, economic, spiritual - on the water and its community of life.

(Tim Palmer, The Wild and Scenic Rivers of America)