5/16/18 - Planning Commissioners recommend DENIAL of Thornton's 1041 Permit!

Come learn the outcome of our collective hard work!

1. Attend the final hearing Aug. 1

2. Hear Thornton's rebuttal

3. Listen to the commissioners vote

Come to hear the commissioners' vote on August 1, 6:30 pm

Attend the Hearing

200 W. Oak Street

Fort Collins, CO

6:30 pm

Public comment is completed

Thornton gets 1/2 hour rebuttal, then the 3 commissioners will conduct their vote.

Silenced no more - Take action

Tell the Larimer County Commissioners to vote no on Thornton's 1041 plan.

Use our GoFundMe account to donate to help pay our legal fees to keep the Poudre River flowing.  

Thornton's Plan, Explained

Check out this great video from our friends at Save the Poudre

Any river is really the summation of the whole valley. To think of it as nothing but water is to ignore the greater part.   


(Hal Borland, This Hill, This Valley)