Keep the Poudre River Flowing




Next Steps Before Next Vote

1. Read Thornton's NEW application for County Rd 56 route. 

2. Email written public comment by Jan. 21 to  bocc@larimer.org 

3. Visit Save the Poudre's website to watch a quick video of the situation by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/SaveThePoudre/videos/2201956919854643/UzpfSTYyMTc5MTA2MTU0Mzg0NDo5MjA0NTkwODgzNDM3MDU/

4. Attend the commissioner's hearing on Jan. 28  to give public comment on application, hear No Pipe Dream's lawyer's presentation and potentially hear vote.


See below for details.


 “I would hope the project would come back significantly different than it is today ...and there better be (significant changes)." 

–Steve Johnson , County Commissioner, 8/1/1


Recent & Upcoming

Working Group Outcomes

The working group has completed their meetings and Thornton has submitted a new application with an alternate route favoring Option C --the northern route along Cty Rd 56. However, nothing has been finalized.

Click the link below to read  outcomes of  citizen working group



The working group was prevented from reaching a consensus, but the ranking of benefits and impacts by both the working group and those who attended the 11/15 community meeting showed that the Poudre Alternative was the favored route by a long stretch.

No Pipe Dream still wants the river route and we are continuing to advocate for that. Our lawyer will present during public testimony on Jan. 28. No pipeline is ideal for all LC citizens!





Upcoming County Hearings Dates & Times

January 28, 2019

County staff present analysis and conditions of Cty Rd 56 route; BCC asks questions. Public comment will be heard (2 minutes each person), Thornton rebuttal, BCC deliberation & decision (unless public comment needs to be extended).

February 4 and 11

Possible continuation dates.


6:30 pm  

200 West Oak Street  

Main room (lower level)



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No Pipe Dream Needs Funds! 

Can you Help?

We use your money wisely; won’t you consider giving to continue our efforts? Our lawyer will be involved in providing direction to working group members and writing a rebuttal in the future, if needed. 

We are so very close, so please help us keep this rolling! 

 Where Your Dollars Go

81% Lawyer fees
13% hired experts (hydrologists)
4% yard signs
2% admin  


Use our GoFundMe account to donate to help pay our legal fees to keep the Poudre River flowing.  


Comments from the Commissioners

Quotes from the 8/1/18 Hearing


“I would hope the project would come back significantly different than it is today – and we will need to go through the process again – and there better be (significant changes).” –Steve Johnson


On Criteria 2 of 1041 application, concerning public outreach

“We are talking about the public process – it is important and critical and Thornton has sadly missed the boat on this.” –Tom Donnelly 

“If you live in Larimer I ask what is the benefit to Larimer County? I tend to think that the balance isn’t there.” –Lew Gaiter, III

“I recommend that you sit down with staff and improve the public process, make sure we include the people on these alternative routes. Let’s do with Douglas Road people and people on County Road 56 what was done with Eagle Lake and let’s see if we can come up with something that has a high level of public acceptance…” –Lew Gaiter, III

“Even in the presentation tonight one of the things I saw was that once it is permitted (you said) then we will sit down and go through the public process. That’s backwards. Go through the public process first and then come back and ask for the permit.” – Lew Gaiter, III 

“I don’t want to deny you the water. My job is to protect the citizens of Larimer County. I’m open to Thornton working with staff and more importantly, citizens.” –Lew Gaiter, III

“You did a good job working with Eagle Lake but the public process appeared to break down when you started looking at Douglas Road.” –Steve Johnson 

“…the proposal is not ready for primetime. What I heard from comments is that there are others to collaborate with." --Steve Johnson

On alternative routes

To the Mayor of Thornton: “Your staff went to your Council with several alternatives, we saw one of them, or variations of one of them here tonight. I think your Council acted in perfect accord to the duty they have to the citizens of Thornton. Your Council looked at all of those alternatives and you asked which one gives us the best quantity or water, the best quality, the most economical and what is best for the citizens of Thornton. That is exactly what I would do if I were on the Council of Thornton or the Mayor of Thornton. We, because of our 1041 powers, have a slightly different duty. We have a duty to the citizens of Larimer County…. Not surprisingly, sometimes we will come up with different opinions on what the best alternatives for our citizens as compared to your citizens. I think that is clearly where we are tonight.” –Steve Johnson

"You said in your rebuttal document that the quantity of water would be diminished. That’s not in my criteria. You said the quality of water would be diminished. That’s not in my criteria. You said the cost would be higher. That’s not in my criteria. The net effect is that Thornton would have to come up with better water treatment which you have the capability of accomplishing. I understand that is not optimal but it is reasonable. It seems to me that you have figured out how to do this and it sure has less impact on my constituents." --Steve Johnson

“I don’t need more information on this option – I don’t think this meets our criteria – I need other alternatives and other options that better meets our criteria….I think that is a better way to go. Procedurally, there needs to be a lot more public input.” –Steve Johnson 


On Poudre Alternative

One of the alternatives you presented to your Council was the Poudre River Alternative…. I do not accept your premise that the 1041 powers can’t cause, either through your actions or the deciding body’s action, a change in water diversion. But the alternative you presented to your Council doesn’t even require that. The alternative you presented to your Council, diverted water from your current diversion point, used the two reservoirs that the storage company is very interested in and ran a pipe down Shields and put the water the Poudre River…. NISP is publicly talking about taking the water out at East Mulberry ahead of the water treatment plant and they have said taking it out there is much better quality than taking it out further down and that might be an option for you. –Steve Johnson


Any river is really the summation of the whole valley. To think of it as nothing but water is to ignore the greater part.   


(Hal Borland, This Hill, This Valley)